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Cloud Wrapper

Cloud Wrapper

Experience header bidding on steroids through best practices and hundreds of features like smart refresh, bid cacheing, and multipliers. We also offer a proprietary video player that eliminates a need for a rev share.

Ad Ops services

On-Demand Ad Ops

Struggling with your GAM account? Not sure if you're fully maximizing your revenue potential? Our experts work with 100s of publishers like you directly to deliver results and sharpen their setups starting with low hanging fruit.

Cloud Layout by Aditude

Cloud Layout

Discover best in-class layouts to serve to your users that generate the most revenue in the industry while being compliant with Google's best practices from core web vitals to ad policy.

publisher reporting tools

Automation & Insights Tools

Move faster and deliver results through the best automation tools in the publishing industry. Manage everything in your ad stack through our technology and services.

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