What's our story?
We know ad ops tech because we helped invent it.
Aditude is a team of adtech innovators obsessed with helping publishers. We love to help them grow and thrive. And we're very, very good at it.

We’ve been in adtech since the beginning, and nobody knows ad operations like we do. From pioneering the first header bidding integration before prebid was a thing, to managing ad ops for the largest publishers on the planet, we’ve done it all.  
Every day, over a billion impressions and millions of dollars are transacted across the more than 1,600 websites whose ad ops and development are utilizing the Aditude product suite.
Meet the crew.
Jared Siegal
Founder & CEO
Erik Omlid
Chief Technology Officer
Josh Schenker
Chief Financial Officer
Josh Deckard
Principal Architect
Andy Blackwell
Principal Software Engineer
Robin Skrzypek
Publisher Partnerships
Christian Baer
Publisher Partnerships
Yirmi Lazar
Director of Revenue Operations
Cory Mahoney
Senior Manager, Revenue Operations
Josh Robins
Software Engineer
Stephanie Yeong
Software Engineer
Thomas McGovern
Software Engineer
Adrian Vera
Software Engineer
Trish Manrique
Marketing Lead
Nick Hughes
Sr. Software Engineer
Jim Cwierley
Ad Ops Analyst